How to Avoid a DUI Arrest and Conviction

Estimated Time to Read: 2 minutes

Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs is strictly frowned upon by both society and the law. An act of social irresponsibility, driving drunk and driving recklessly can bring upon serious damage to life and property. Hence the courts takes DUI cases very seriously and any suspicious act on the street under the influence of alcohol and drugs can attract police attention within no time. The officer will look for signs of drunkenness such as erratic driving, signal jumps, mumbled speech, bloodshot eyes, and to further confirm the suspicion field sobriety tests are done. According to the state laws, if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is found to be more than the prescribed limit, DUI charges will be filed against you, your driver’s license will be suspended, followed by your arrest. Whether you are drunk or not, it is wise to comply the officer’s request to stop the vehicle and take the breath test. This is because, state laws has an implied consent law, according to which, and refusing to comply and take part in the test can lead to immediate revocation of your driver’s license and a hefty fine. Now that we briefly know why DUI charges are filed, here’s how to defend yourself and avoid jail time and conviction with the help of a DUI lawyer in Denver, New York, Houston or wherever the charges were filed.

1. As soon as you are stopped under the suspicion of drunken driving, it is wise to call up your DUI attorney and ask for suggestions. This is because, anything you say or do out of ignorance and pressure during your arrest can be turned against you during the trial, thus weakening your defense.

2. Though the jail time during the arrest is inevitable if the test results are positive, you can avoid being in jail by filing a bail application with the help of your DUI lawyer. With the help of a reputed and experienced DUI attorney, your bail application will be approved within no time and once you get out, you can plan your next move with your lawyer.

3. Plea bargain is a very crucial stage in a DUI case and most DUI cases end at this stage of the case and never go to trial. Plea bargain is that stage of a criminal case where the defendant pleads guilty and asks for a lesser punishment. Based on the circumstances of your case and the test results, you can either plead guilty and settle down for fewer punishments like fine and public service, or challenge the prosecution and take your chances.

4. During trial, your DUI attorney can defend your innocence by proving that there was no probable cause for your arrest and the test results were fraudulent. With the help of forensic experts and technicians the test results can be proved wrong and any procedure violation by the police during your arrest can be used as a valid defense by the attorney.