How to Hire a Qualified Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Many people have been involved in a vehicle collision of some kind or another, whether that collision wasa serious or minor. For most people, this experience takes place in a fully enclosed vehicle—a car, pickup truck, or van. No matter the seriousness of the collision, it’s a scary experience that often has legal ramifications.

As terrifying as a car accident can be, though, a vehicle collision becomes an even more frightening situation in an open vehicle like a motorcycle. Motorcycles leave drivers more vulnerable to injury in the case of an accident. If you have been in a motorcycle accident, you know this well. If you are pursuing legal action as a result, consider hiring a lawyer with expertise in the area of motorcycle accidents. A qualified motorcycle accident lawyer will understand the specifics of the accident and be able to support you in necessary ways.

Motorcycle Accident Challenges

Like any motor vehicle accident, a motorcycle accident isn’t always straightforward. It can be a complex thing. Anyone who has ever been in a motor vehicle collision of any kind knows that determining fault between the two (or more) drivers is difficult because sometimes mistakes happened on the part of both drivers. Even when fault is known, it isn’t always easy to prove. If you don’t have any witnesses, you must rely on police and the insurance companies to analyze the situation to make a ruling.

Of course there are also challenges that are specific to motorcycle accidents. One of the biggest is the unfair stereotypes that surround motorcyclists. Unfortunately, some people are of the belief that motorcycle drivers are inherently reckless and lack caution on the road, which could lead to a higher instance of collisions. This isn’t necessarily the truth, though. Many accidents happen as a result of car drivers being careless, which is especially egregious considering how much more vulnerable motorcycle drivers are.

Your lawyer will be prepared to anticipate arguments against and will be able to provide facts and evidence to support your case so that you are judged on your actual driving behaviors rather than preconceived notions.

Who is Responsible

Not every motorcycle accident looks the same; even in cases where fault does not lie with the motorcycle driver, there are a number of variables that still need to be considered before proceeding with a lawsuit or court case. The seriousness of an injury can vary, as can the cause. When you hear that someone was in a motorcycle accident in which they weren’t at fault, the assumption is that they were hit by another vehicle, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes fault lies elsewhere.

There are situations in which the accident is caused by some mechanical failure in the motorcycle itself. In these situations, fault might lie with the motorcycle manufacturer, a parts manufacturer, or a mechanic who previously worked on the motorcycle. It’s not uncommon for fault to lie with some combination of the three aforementioned parties. This is where a lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accidents is important. They will know who to involve in a lawsuit or court case and who to consider culpable.

In other situations, fault lies with state or municipal governing bodies for infrastructure issues. Motorcycles are more sensitive than cars to problems in road quality. A serious pothole might damage a car’s tire at the most, but it can prove deadly for a motorcycle. Your lawyer will be able to identify if conditions were potentially unreasonable, and if that should be a factor in your legal case.

Qualified, Specialized Lawyers

As you can see, motorcycle accident cases are highly complex, even more so than the typical motor vehicle accident. There are very specific considerations and technical knowledge that will factor into the outcome of the case. This is why it is so important to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer that has experience and expertise specifically in the area of motorcycle accidents. They will best be equipped and prepared to reveal the truth of the situation, and to help you win your case. A good motorcycle accident lawyer ( will have the tools needed to fight for you, to get you what you deserve, and to help you return to your life.

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